1. Can anyone suggest trips that focus on navigation on/off trail? I want to pursue that further. I'll be doing my trips after May.

    1. All WTC Experience trips are going to have some off trail navigation, but some trips/leaders will give it more emphasis; I searched on the schedule of activities for trips that included "navigation" in their description and found three candidate for you Al;
      6/23 Cirque Peak, 9/15 McGee Creek Canyon Exploration, and 9/28 Pioneer Basin.

      I also expect that any trip led by Rich Gillock will have plenty of Nav opportunity for everyone interested - consider "I: Mount Rixford (12,877’) and Mount Bago (11,870’)" July 6-8 for example. It's not published on the Angeles Schedule yet, but let me know you are interested in that one!

      - Ross


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