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Joshua Tree Lake - October 26 & 27 

Kaweatures. Rittensteins. Olanchombies.

You can run and you can hide, but there is no escaping it!
It is almost time to howl at the moon as you GRADUATE.
You have worked tirelessly to complete all of your 
tasks and your Masters are very pleased indeed.

As a reward for your tenacity, we are planning a CREEPSHOW at the Joshua Tree Lake BLACK LAGOON to celebrate YOU.

Your Masters still have yet another task for you before releasing you from their power.  You are to come to The CREEPSHOW dressed as your TRUE SELF - 

Zombies are the easiest as long as you have an appetite for Brains and Flesh.
Ghosts are a great choice if you are vegetarian, light on your feet and scare people.
Vampires are your type? You must have an insatiable thirst for BLOOD and sharp incisors.

Perhaps, you have another penchant for the macabre, the malevolent, 
the morbid? BRING IT! You know what lives in the Dark Waters of the 
Black Lagoon and we have seen foot prints that belong to it. . . .

The Diabolical Plan includes an early morning Hike on Saturday up to Keyes Peak
returning to the Black Lagoon in time for The CREEPSHOW GRADUATION PARTY.  
More dastardly details to come. . . .

Your Masters command you to provide your detailed answers to the questions below with your plans as they stand.  
Should anything happen between now and then, adjustments will be made as we get closer, closer, closer. . . . 

Please RSVP if you haven't done so already by answering the six questions below.  Please email your response to Garry at mccoppin@cox.net.
  1. Arrival day and time (Friday, Saturday | Morning, Afternoon, Evening)  NOTE: Saturday night camping is included with Graduation.  Friday night camping at Joshua Tree Lake -  you must go to the office and pay to camp.  http://www.joshuatreelake.com You will move on Saturday to WTC park/camp areas A,B,C.  
  2. Are you Driving alone or Carpooling?
  3. Are you interested in joining the Keyes Peak Hike?
  4. Departure day and Time (Saturday or Sunday | Morning, Afternoon, Evening)
  5. Everyone is to bring a bundle of firewood for the Graduation Conflagration
  6. Do you have a Smoke Machine you can bring ?

Our motto: “Easy Steps” 
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